A-pvp, 5fur144, ur144, PV-9, 5F-AKB48 Incense Ble nds THJ-2201 (NEW) THJ-018 (NEW) AB-Fubinaca (NEW) AB-Chminaca (NEW)

We are professional suppliers of 99.95% pure research chemicals world wide from china. Our products are the best you can fine around. We supply products such as: hit me up at using this

Email : jethomasliercar@gmail.com

Skype : vison.dav

list of chemicals in stock :

2 Product Price (USD/kg) Product Price (USD/kg)
3 UR-144 1700/kg A-796260 2500/kg
4 5FUR-144 1800/kg MN-018 3668/kg
5 AKB-48 2410/kg 5FMN-018 3750/kg
6 5FAKB-48 2880/kg MAM-2201 2950/kg
7 PB-22 2400/kg Ethylphenidate 4800/kg(crystal)
8 5FPB-22 2490/kg SDB-006 2680/kg
NM-2201 3000/kg 5FSDB-006 3100/kg
10  FUB-PB22 2830/kg PV-8 4160/kg(crystal) Notice:
11  FDU-PB22 3500/kg PV-9 4150/kg 1.Price is based on USD and kg order
12  A-PVP 3350/kg(crystal)
URB-597 3380/kg 2.Valid time: 30days
13  A-PVT 2360/kg Ethylone 3500/kg(crystal) 3.MOQ: 100g
14  4F-PVP 3680/kg ADBICA 3500/kg 4.Delivery time: 7 workdays from Anhui China to Overseas
15  4B-PVP 3800/kg 5FADBICA 3500/kg 5.Payment: Bank Transfer/Western Union/Money Gram
16  4-BMC 4500/kg MPHP 4360/kg 6.Item in red is our Hot-sale product
17  4-EMC 4100/kg 4F-MPHP 4100/kg
18  4-CMC 3500/kg MPA 4500/kg
19  Pentedrone 2350/kg MXE 5800/kg
20  6-APB 6800/kg M11 2800/kg(powder)
21  5-APB 6800/kg(crystal) M2 $3800/kg(crystal)
22  25I-NBOME 7600/kg 4-FA 3800/kg
23  25C-NBOME 6450/kg 2-FA 4080/kg
24  Ban 3100/kg(powder)
Dibutylone 3622/kg
25  5-APDB(crystal) 7500/kg Pentylone 2680/kg(crystal)
26  6-APDB(powder) 7000/kg Butylone 2680/kg(crystal)
27  5-MAPB 6800/kg 2C-I 6500/kg
28  6-MAPB 7000/kg 2C-B 6800/kg
29  AB-PINACA 2830/kg 2-FMA 3800/kg
30  AB-FUBINACA 2830/kg 4-FMC 3800/kg
31  AB-CHEMINACA 3500/kg 4-Mar 3660/kg
32  5FAB-PINACA 4000/kg BB-22 2800/kg
33  FAB-144 3300/kg MDPPP 2500/kg
34  THJ-2201 3380/kg RH-34 5300/kg
35  STS-135 1890/kg

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